Going to be Absent a Couple of Days

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Going to be Absent a Couple of Days Empty Going to be Absent a Couple of Days

Post  [Admin]BlueTiger on Fri Dec 26, 2008 8:48 pm

Well as the topic title says that I'm going to be absent a couple of days because I got a virus in my comp and I'm going to reformat it as soon as i move 3 gigs of important files -.- The freaking ghey virus only lets me transfer 250 MB ever time because this stupid shit about shutting down on its own and freaking virus installed shit i had no idea about. Anyway i should be online by today, if not tomorrow. Ill be on MSN though on my sidekick, don't msn me unless its EXTREMELY important. I don't wanna pay 5 cents for ever message although i only have unlimited text for my AIM program.


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