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My Application

Post  CodeSniffer on Fri Dec 26, 2008 7:52 am

Position applying for: any available position
Name: James
Nickname: Code
Age: 17
Country: Philippines
Language: Tagalog
Second Language: English
Previous Work: previous work? hmmm... i worked to make my own server last time but my PC cant handle it, but still i made the server on but so laggy coz of that reason so i just played it offline and figured out something like how PT server work, When I have lots of time i started to make a 3d Model something like sword, yeah it looks good but i need more skills to make it more realistic, because of the reason that its not my profession thats why i stopped learning it and focus on my studies on how to program, from now on im still learning java language and im not even in the middle of it, while learning that i tried to learn lots of things, like reverse engineering, It is focused
on how to crack software which is the same in hexing and it involves lots of hexadecimal numbers.
I know about hexadecimal but im not so good on how to apply it in hexing, using the Hex Workshop.
Since i know other language in that way i can be a supporter too to other player using tagalog language i think thats a lot of information about me but thats not all i know, you will know more about me later.

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