Where to Find Your Items!

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Where to Find Your Items!

Post  [Admin]BlueTiger on Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:48 am

Im making this thread to help all. Well first of all, Ive been getting many PM's on where to get items and such well, Ive done some hunting and experimenting with my character, and my non-gm character, that if you hunt in (DS) Dark Sanctuary, you'd get 60-70 stuff. Ive found a Grand Shield, Ancient Sword, and Wing Boots, and many more. In CT1 (Cursed Temple 1), Ive found 70-75 items, like Twin Swords. CT2 (Cursed Temple 2) 75-80. Iron 1 (Railway of Chaos), 80-85. From Salamander Swords to Doom armors! 85-90 Iron 2 (Heart of Perum) 85-95 (Gallubia Valley). 95-100 Rare for 100's. (Frozen Sanctuary). Its there. So hope this list helps you, and as you can see there is a 5 lvl intermission between places. Good luck and add anymore places that you have found that give you your item. Very Happy


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