DePT Events , Read Them Please

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DePT Events , Read Them Please

Post  [Admin]SuperFree on Wed Dec 17, 2008 8:21 am

Hns/Hide and Seek - An Admin/GM will hide himself somewhere in Pristonland where players have to search for him. Depending on the difficulty of finding him he'll give more or less tips about his hiding spot

Monster Event - Monsters will be spawned by an Admin/GM. All monsters drop items. Some of them might not be found in any spot in Pristonland and be very hard to kill, but so much better will the drops be

Question Event - In this event an Admin/GM will ask questions, about PristonTale but it could also be about something else, in world chat. The one who pms the Admin/GM at first with the correct awnser (in english) will get a reward

Mature Event - After you aged an item you have to mature it to go a lvl up. This might take
a while with a higher aging lvl. At a mature event an Admin/GM will do that job for you in
seconds. Stand in a line and when it's your turn the Admin/GM will trade you/ or you trade
him and you give him the item you want to be matured. Depending on Admins/GMs time he'll do
that job for you more than once and with all your items. Remember that you have to age your
stuff on your own, the Admin/GM will only mature your selected items


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